REVIEW: Starlight Motel – a terrifying escape adventure!

When I learned that Escape Artist, the locally owned and operated escape room attraction, had opened a horror-themed room, I had to try it!  While a few of their other rooms have a tense moments, Starlight Motel is a full-on fear fest!  Like the majority of the pro haunts in the region, the creators at Escape Artist have a genuine love of the genre and it shows in the both the detail and depth of story in the attraction.  During and after the adventure, I was thrilled by the whole experience. And yes, I was actually spooked a few times.

One of the great things about Starlight Motel is that the attraction doesn’t rely on pop scares to frighten you. The reveal of the storyline while you’re solving the puzzles is a slow burn of terror, and like any great nightmare, you can end up scaring yourself more than any external stimuli.  There is an escalating palpable dread of not knowing just what kind of horror is waiting for you there. It’s really awesome!

Without giving much away, the scenario puts you and your group in a seedy motel full of problems, which you are to investigate.  The only room available is the Honeymoon Suite, which also provides a little levity. But not for long….

You know going in that something’s gone horribly wrong, and racing to figure it out before you become a victim is a wonderfully exciting and immersive experience! When we booked the adventure, a friend told me that the room was like a horror movie, but that’s not exactly right – it’s more like being in a nightmare. The actors are wonderfully low key – they are not there to scare you – the room, and your own mind, will more than do that job. The hint system is organic, so you don’t have to feel like an idiot and ask for clues (but you can – because the team is watching and listening every moment).

Everything from the art direction which perfectly replicates a sleazy, disgusting motel room to the puzzle design, to the cast, work perfectly together to deliver a genuinely thrilling, creepy, fun adventure!  It won’t disappoint!

Escape Artist is located at 209 E. Stone Ave in Greenville, SC 29609 – and is open every day (although some days are longer than others). There is a live schedule on their website as well as a number of discounts available:

Escape Artist Facebook page

I can’t recommend this attraction highly enough! It’s a must for every horror fan! We’re returning soon to go through another of their five rooms!

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