REVIEW: Sweet Dreams Scare House

On Halloween Eve, I was able to visit the pro haunt that has quickly become my favorite in the Upstate: Sweet Dreams Scare House in Easley, SC.  Last year I was blown away by the quality of the haunt, and this year it’s even better!  Before you enter, there is a concession stand with good food instead of just snacks and drinks, as well as a creepy cool photo booth (that’s free) and a merchandise table.  Interestingly, they are manufacturing and distributing their own brand of vape juice! We tend to arrive early to attractions so there wasn’t a long line to either purchase tickets or enter the attraction, but while we did so, the roving line actors were perfectly creepy and entertaining.

We entered the holding area to have the rules explained by a character named Sy (for psychosis) and were treated to a fantastic performance!  After we were shepherded away to await entrance to the haunt, we were able to witness Cy greeting three other groups, and his performance was different for every one.  It’s rare to have this mundane yet necessary part of the show be so engaging – and it sets the tone for the rest of the haunt.  Honestly, I would have paid to just watch him greet customers for an hour.

The haunt begins with a brand new addition – an escape room!  While it’s not as intense or complex as Starlight Motel at Escape Artist, it is challenging and super fun!  Protip: Bring reading glasses or someone with good vision – or join up with a group that has someone who does.  I might still be in there otherwise.

After the escape room, we were off to walk the trail. There are some new things here, too – and the returning rooms have been modified a bit.  This is where Sweet Dreams excels.  The sets are fantastic, and the surrounding environment is just as cleverly (and spookily) decorated.  There is always something wonderfully decaying to look at – and the actors are all top notch.  There isn’t a weak link among them.  It was great to see that the fortune telling gypsy returned – and her performance (about halfway through the trail) is something to look forward to.

Along the trail, you enter a backwoods house.  I don’t want to give too much away, but the highlight for me was a room with an amazing closet.  That’s all I’ll say.

The make-up and costumes are also top flight.  The lighting is effective and ample when needed (you ARE in nature, after all),  creative, and again reflects the overall quality of the attraction.

(photos courtesy of Sweet Dreams Scare House)

In all, it took about thirty minutes to complete the trail (maybe more – but I tend to go slowly to savor every tableau) – and that is after the escape room.  At $18 a ticket, there is a LOT of bang for your buck here!  They also offer an R-rated tour for $20 per person that is more aggressive and intense if you are so inclined (I hear there are bruises to be had and are worth it).  Either way, this is a haunted attraction that should be at the top of your list.

Sweet Dreams Scare House is located at 250 Saco Lowell Rd in Easley, SC and is open through Saturday, November 3rd 2018 from 8:00PM “until the crowds die.”  But one of the wonderful things about this haunt is that it has – and may again – open in December for a Christmas-themed attraction, in February for Valentine’s Day, and again for Easter!

Watch their Sweet Dreams Facebook page for info should there be inclement weather and other seasonal openings!

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