REVIEW: 13 Acres

13 Acres in Anderson, SC has something for everyone and is among our favorite haunts in the region.  Located behind the Civic Center and Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center, it uses its space wisely and effectively.  The haunt changed quite a bit from last year, when it had its several haunt areas spread around a mini-midway, to a more linear landscape this season . Gone is the midway, and now all of the haunt’s elements are connected – at least progressively – you have to go through one to get to the next.  We missed the midway as we like to dine on a hot dog or chili or nachos before a haunt, but they said that it wasn’t financially feasible to do it this year.  Hopefully it will return in the future and be supported.

After the ticket booth, its just a few steps to the Prison, which is a brand new attraction for the haunt.  

It’s a high startle, claustrophobic maze where the invasion of personal space is prevalent.  These are tight spaces that you can’t get through quickly, and that escalates the scares.  The final room is a pretty cool effect – it was unexpected and fun!  Once out, there is a quick walk through the woods to the vehicle waiting to take you on the Haunted Hayride.

The hayride itself is fairly standard, but benefits from having well-designed and decorated tableaux, and interesting characters along the way. By “standard” I don’t mean to detract from it.  There are few things at a haunt more fun than a haunted hayride, and this is also the case at 13 Acres.  It’s precisely what you expect – and it delivers.

At the end of the hayride, you’re let off near a path that I believe is intended to be The Hike – a scary walk up to 1313 Hillside Manor (the haunted house), but on my visit there were no actors present.  I don’t know if there were supposed to be and the haunt was just suffering some understaffing, but it was just as well.  The path to the house is beautifully decorated! And by beautifully, I mean spooky!  I’m a sucker for great art direction and we really enjoyed this time between the hayride and the next attraction.

At the end of the trail you reach 1313 Hillside Manor.  It’s a magnificent facade and the front yard of the mansion was just as wonderfully set as the path to it.  There’s a lot of great stuff to look at while you wait to enter the house. A ghoul meets you in front to tell you the rules, and then you enter the parlor and sit.  A priest enters. You know something’s about to go down whenever a priest enters.

You spend the least amount of time in the house than in the other attractions, but it packs a punch while you’re there and has a delightful ending!

As I began this review, 13 Acres has something for everyone: A high-startle attraction, haunted hayride, haunted house, lots of gorgeous scenery, and experienced actors – many of which migrated from the now defunct Darkness Pines.  Strangely, there is something comfortable about seeing a familiar demented clown or psycho killer here, and I will keep returning every season!

13 Acres is located at 3027 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Anderson, SC and is staying open this weekend, November 2nd & 3rd (barring weather).

All during the season they offer fantastic specials and discounts, so follow the 13 Acres Facebook page for those and future updates!!!

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